adriel bote



I was a part of the second album of Shaolin Fez. This is the biggest (size-wise) band I have recorded with up-to-date!

“SHAOLIN FEZ is the eclectic, multi-genre mashup that results when classical musicians (mostly from the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra) team up with jazz players and start rearranging popular tunes in addition to creating their own”


Jennifer Palor -Vocals

Jerald Vickers - Backup Vocals

Samuel Ferrer - Electric & Double Bass

Vincent Lau - Electric & Acoustic Guitars

Orlando Bonzi - Electric Guitar (track 3)

Adriel Bote - Piano & Keyboards

Floro Sernande - Percussions & Flute

Tobe Kushiator - Drums (tracks 2 & 3)

Almond Yeung - Drums (tracks 1 & 4)

Nate Wong - Drums (track 5)

Yingna Zhao - Violin

Anders Hui - Violin (solo, track 4)

Domas Juskys - Violin

John Henry Kruer - Violin

William Lane - Viola

Guo Yuwen - Viola

Tae-mi Song - Cello

Russell Bonifede - Horn

Tim Summers - Horn

Ben Pelletier - Trombone

Chris Moyse - Trumpet

John Ralph Campo - Jazz Trumpet (track 1)

Lorenzo Iosco - Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Soprano Sax

Nazar Tabachyshyn - Accordion

S. Ferrer, W. Lane, N. Tabachyshyn, & Mas Lo - Handclaps


Samuel Ferrer - Music, Lyrics, & Arrangements, Producer

Ulf Olofsson - Mixing Engineer

Hans DeKline - Mastering Engineer

Y.S. Liu & Karen Chan - Crowd Funding Executive Producers

V. Lau, O. Bonzi, A. Yeung, T. Kushiator, N. Wong, A. Bote, & Floro Sernande - Additional Guitar, Drums, Piano/ Keys, and Percussion Arrangements

Recorded in Hong Kong at GIG, Avon, Q2, Zoo, & City University studios

Additional Tracking by V. Lau, O. Bonzi, A. Bote, & Marcus Ho

Special Thanks to Jessica Bruser, Nicholas Sallnow-Smith, Christopher Erbach, Dr. Lilian Leoung, Stefan White, Robert-Ellis Geiger, Jean-Luc Karlin, and all others who helped support this project.